Design your own dashboards

An essential characteristic of the opvizor PerfAnalyzer is the ability to define their own dashboards, as well as to adapt the existing dashboards to your individual needs. opvizor-PerfAnalyzer focuses on the analysis of the data that is important to you. 

The following instructions should illustrate examples how you you design new views. 

  1. Create a new dashboard. To do this open the Dasboard-list and click the button under the list [+ New

  2. An empty dashboard shows up. Dashboards are built up line by line. The first line is already set. Click on the small yellow-green rectangle and create a new Graph Panel
  3. Choose a metric you are interested in. 
  4. Change the name of the dashboard - click on the gear icon to the left of the dashboard menu and select “Settings
  5. Save the dashboard by clicking on the disk next to the dashboard list
  6. You can export your dashboard if you want to share it or if you like to import it later in another installation of the opvizor PerfAnalyzer – to do so, choose the gear icon left of the dashboard list and select “Export