Maintaining Time

Opvizor Performance Analyzer utilizes serveral time series databases. For correct function, it is important to have the correct time configured on both Opvizor Performance Analyzer, the vCenter and ideally all ESXi hosts.

How is the clock of Performance Analyzer set?

From Version 5.0.5 on, Performance Analyzer tries to use NTP for time synchronization with the servers from

When Performance Analyzer can’t connect or reach the NTP servers, it will fall back to the clock of the host on which the appliance is running using VMware tools time sync. You always need to make sure to have NTP up and running.

Versions before 5.0.5 only use the host clock.

Admin UI says “Too big time offset”

When you test the connection with the vCenter, Performance Analyzer compares the clocks of both the vCenter and the Performance Analyzer appliance. When these clocks differ more than a few seconds, there is likely a misconfiguration in your infrastructure and NTP not configured well.

The most common issues are:

How can I monitor correct time in my network?

From Version 5.0.5 on, Performance Analyzer ships with a Dashboard “VMware Config: Clocks and Timedrift”. It is designed to help you to find time synchronization issues.