The Overview page allows you to see

Current Licensing Information

This portion of the Overview screen shows:

Request Evaluation License

You can request a Performance Analyzer evaluation license. All the fields are mandatory.

Adding a License

To add a license key,

  1. In the Overview > Add License field, type or copy and paste the license key you received. 
  2. Click the Add button.

Updating the System software

To update the Performance Analyzer software:

  1. Download the latest software.
  2. In the Overview > System Update area, click Browse to find the file
  3. Click Upload.

Archive Old Dashboards

To archive an old dashboard,

  1. In the System Maintenance section of the screen, click Archive Old* Dashboards button.
  2. The old dashboards are archived.

Diagnose System Issues

To diagnose issues with your system:

  1. In the Overview > System Maintenance, click the Download Diagnostic Bundle.
  2. The file downloads.
  3. Double click the file to unzip it.